Iliya Zaki is a Music Composer, specializing in the Epic Orchestral genre. Predominantly for Trailer and TV licensing, he has written music for a number of respectable international publishers such as Epic Score (US) under APM Music, Audio Attack (US) under WCPM, Ghostwriter (US), Gothic Storm (UK), Really Slow Motion (US) and Wu Kong Trailer Music (TW).

Notable placements consist of titles such as Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, regular usages on ABC’s Shark Tank, WWE, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, even Singapore National Day Parade 2019, and hundreds of other TV shows worldwide.

Apart from works with publishers, Iliya also has an Artist side that features all of his solo works.
He is represented by an up-and-coming US-based label, True Remnant. One of his Single, Rise of Fire, has accumulated almost 800k views/listens to date on a single YouTube video.

His works have been used and featured in hundreds, if not thousands, of videos by independent YouTube channels.

Most notable channels are:
• Duracell Optimum’s commercial with 15 million views
• Epic Music World (1.72million subscribers)
• HDSounDI (1.4mil subscribers)
• Epic Music VN (1mil subscribers)
• Pandora Journey (828k subscribers)
• ThePrimeCronus (636k subscribers)
• And many more

*Subscriber Counts As of July 2021

Iliya also specializes in creating Epic Music for performing arts groups such as Singapore’s Starlight Alchemy and Malaysia’s premier modern circus act: PsycuSix and Viva Circus. He was the lead composer and provided special custom music for Starlight Alchemy’s performance in 2015 Singapore Night Festival show and CRE Arts Asia 2018 three-day sold-out shows in Kuala Lumpur.

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Iliya Zaki

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